Chase is always on-the-go and needs to stay on top of his credentialing. With Green Security, Chase can manage his credentials remotely, wherever he goes. Let's look at how Green Security works for you.


Chase gets ready for his morning cup of coffee and before his first sip, he's being called into the hospital for a case. Only thing is, he knows that he needs to update a credential to be approved at his targeted facility before he can get access for his case. In steps Green Security. Chase has his new document in hand and just needs to take a picture with his smart phone and upload the credential to Green Security. Chase manages his credentials on the train ride into town and before he enters the hospital, his credential has been approved by requesting a *speedpass. Chase is ready to go without any delays and able to handle his work load for the day, even without that first cup of coffee.


No one wants to mess with the hassle of credentialing.

That’s why we have worked so hard to make our system simple, clean and easy to use with tons of features geared to making your credentialing experience as pain free as possible. Credentialing is a very important and needed function for every facility that sees several thousand vendors yearly. But it doesn’t have to be painful and it doens’t have to be done on your own. That’s why at our core is our customer service. It’s not just a department at Green Security, it’s our management, creative, marketing and development teams. We’ve been asked by a lot of people how we’ve grown so quickly, and the answer is really simple... We’ve aligned the entire business model around one mission: to provide the best customer service possible in our industry. Internally, we call this our “FancyFootWork” model.


No one has fun dealing with credentialing, right?

We don’t believe that credentialing has to be a dry, boring process. We strive to make the entire process fun. From quirky login messages to our social media placement of funny credentialing shorts, Green Security loves to laugh. It’s not that we don’t take what we do serious, au contraire mon frere. We just love what we do and we love to laugh as well.