Manage, track, background check, and credential ALL non-employees entering a hospital or K-12 school 24/7 including visitors/guests, vendors, and ALL contractors (equipment installers, food delivery personnel, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, IT installers...etc).

Keep all your facilities emergency prepared knowing instantly who, when, and where your non-employees are 24/7 within any of your facilities.

Track and report the date and time that each non-employee checks in and out of any of your facilities, what areas they visited, and who they met while there.

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Truly Mobile Application

Mobile, tablets and desktop

Easy to Use Calendar

Set invites, standing appointments & more

Vendor Badges

Print badges from mobile kiosk machines

Online Credential Management

Upload and manage vendor credentials

Data Security

SAS70 and 256-bit SSL encryption

Remote Accessibility

Easily login via your smart phone while on site

Connecting Vendors with Healthcare Providers

PremierPro Security Services understands the vital role that vendors play in the continuum of care. That is why we have focused our efforts on ease of use, navigation efficiencies and a streamlined process to verify credentials. Our system has been designed with YOU in mind. You will see how PremierPro Security Services seamlessly connects Vendors with Healthcare Providers no matter where you are at.

Mobile Friendly

Upload From Your Smart Phone

PremierPro Security Services lets you quickly upload your credentials by taking a picture with your smart phone and we do the rest. Uploading your credentials has never been easier.

One Location

One Location

PremierPro Security Services stores all of your files securely in the cloud. Remotely manage your credentials from any device from our fully responsive website which displays on mobile, tablet or desktop.